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Rockpool Menai 18

The MENAI has the characteristics of a large boat with plenty of space, good speed, stability and a dry ride; but it also sees itself as a little smaller with impressive manoeuvrability and crisp handling.


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Rockpool Menai 18

For many sea kayaking is about getting somewhere; this is the boat to take you to that ‘somewhere’…

Resulting from the ongoing development at Rockpool Kayaks, the Menai 18 was designed to fill the niche for a serious expedition boat. While the Alaw and Alaw Bach designs have both been very successful, there was still a need for a larger expedition boat. The Menai 18 hull was formulated to tick off the miles quickly while carrying a serious load of expedition kit. Though this is a large boat, the flat centre section of the hull allows for good manoeuvrability on the spot or in the surf. The cockpit is large and roomy to make sure you are comfortable over those long trips, with a day hatch on the front deck to make it easy to gain access to all those little essentials!

The MENAI 18 is a high volume, rugged sea kayak for extended expedition use.

The MENAI has also found a following from the ‘larger’ members of the paddling community who want a stable ‘big boys’ playboat in the bouncy stuff or who are looking for a little more space and comfort on extended day trips.


The design ethos behind the MENAI was to develop a kayak to carry large amounts of expedition kit over long distances at a good speed and in considerable comfort. No simple matter! The long waterline combines a large cargo volume with a good cruising speed. In order to counter this length and maintain good manoeuvrability, a flattened hull was placed in the centre section. This results in surprisingly good manoeuvrability for spot turns and when in the surf, it also gives very good levels of stability. The extended keel section to the rear maintains good directional stability when paddling on a heading but lifts free from the water when on a lean to aid turning. The MENAI has been designed to remain directionally neutral in most wind conditions with a slight tendency to turn up-wind as wind strength increases.

The wide hull and distinct chines give a very stable boat with comfortable and predictable edging characteristics – this is a good boat for taking photographs! The large volume in the bow gives a nice dry ride through chop and gentle handling over larger waves. The fine stern complements the bow, allowing the boat to ride up and over steeper waves. The volume distribution in the centre section allows the stern keel section to lift during edging, shortening the waterline and increasing the manoeuverability.


The MENAI deck has obvious differences from other boats in the Rockpool range. First of all is the fitting of an oval front hatch; this allows easy storage of bulky expedition kit in the bow as well as the stern. The front deck also has a small day hatch fitted just ahead of the cockpit. This gives easily accessed storage when afloat for all those useful bits and pieces you need on longer crossings. No need for an ugly deckbag! The front deck also has a moulded compass recess and mouldings for storage of split paddles. The number of deck elastics has been increased to provide greater storage for items too bulky to fit in the forward day hatch. All deckline fittings are recessed for a neater, smoother look and to make life a little easier during rescue drills.

The rear deck too has a large oval hatch, along with a conventional day hatch. There is a clear area just behind the cockpit to allow fitting of a deck mounted towing system.

The MENAI is also fitted with the Rockpool Kayaks designed adjustable plate footrest. This is angled for a strong natural ankle position which allows the paddler to finely adjust their leg alignment. Matched with the adjustable seat this places the paddler in a dynamic and comfortable position for paddling.

The seats are moulded GRP shells which are adjustable front-to-back at 10mm intervals. The adjustable seat and footrest are mounted on internal hull fixings without drill holes. This relieves the cockpit rim and deck of unnecessary stress and provides a variable seat position for increased feedback to the paddler. The foam hip pads, located within neoprene pockets, may be foam shimmed to fine tune hip fitment. The backrest integrates with the seat to prevent diving while entering. As in the rest of the Rockpool fleet, the MENAI has been designed with ease of rolling in mind.

The MENAI has the characteristics of a large boat with plenty of space, good speed, stability and a dry ride; but it also sees itself as a little smaller with impressive manoeuvrability and crisp handling.


  • Quality Kajaksport hatches are fitted as standard to all of our kayaks; they’re tough and reliable. All hatches have internal clipped tether lines to prevent loss.
  • Skegs: Rockpool fit their own in-house skeg design. As you would expect, this is an innovative design which uses a skeg cable under tension rather than compression. This means that the if the skeg is inadvertently left down when landing – the skeg slider is drawn back as the skeg is forced back into its housing, rather than causing the cable to kink.
  • End carry handles
  • Deck Lines + Elastics
  • Spare paddle parks


  • Seats are available in Standard or Performance versions (The Performance seat is a deeper ’bucket’ style to give better contact and feedback with the kayak.).
  • Adjustable foot pegs or Bulkheads are available as 'floating' or glassed-in versions.


  • A lightweight electric pump system is available as an option. This can be fitted during manufacture or as a factory retro-fit. The system has a small electric bilge pump fitted behind the seat. This is powered by a sealed lead/acid gel battery (battery charger included) housed in a protective cover fitted in the day hatch. Operation is controlled by a pneumatically operated footswitch which minimizes the exposure of the electrics in the wet area.

Custom Colour + Artwork

You can have a individual unique boat through Rockpool custom colours/artwork; they don’t do 'standard colours'! Let create the boat of your dreams…

  • Bespoke artwork included in the quoted price:
  • Deck: Up to 3 colours/glitter; starfish/kelp and colour fade designs as required.
  • Hull: Single colour; no glitter (except alpha jewel dusting).
  • Seam/cockpit/seat rim: single colour per item as required.
  • Rockpool can also accept detailed design graphics and logos sent in JPEG format – again contact us for details.

Rockpool are happy to cater for more detailed artwork requests but in order to accommodate the increased workload we may have to add a small surcharge – contact for details.

Note:Extensive artwork/glitter will add weight to a finished kayak, the more colours the greater the weight!


Rockpool kayaks are manufactured from the highest quality resins and cloth and are available in an extensive range of custom colour combinations. They can offer standard hand lay-up or vacuum bagged constructions.
Vac bag construction is a manufacturing process used to ensure a more uniform wetting of the reinforcing fabric and removal of excess resin matrix in order to produce a stronger and lighter kayak.
All of our deck fittings are recessed and fitted externally to prevent leaks.
We also fit 'floating' bulkheads; these allow a little ‘give’ in order to minimize the stresses on the hull and deck during day to day use, they also reduce weight.


  • Hand lay-up
  • Polyester resin
  • Chopped strand mat and Glass cloth
  • Our standard construction gives a robust and hard wearing kayak at the lowest cost. It is also easy to repair.


  • Vac bag construction
  • Epoxy resin
  • Glass, Diolen and Kevlar/Carbon fabrics
  • Kevlar/Carbon and Spheretex reinforcing patches
  • The Premier construction gives a significant weight saving but at the cost of slightly reduced durability.
  • This construction will provide increased performance and easier handling but requires a little more day to day care

Comparison Chart

Construction                        Strength Durability Lightweight    Ease of Repair

Standard (Polyester/Glass)     *****         *****            **                       *****

Premier (Epoxy/Kev-Carb)       ****          ***              *****                    ***

Construction time:  3-5 weeks contact for details

When you place your order you will be sent an email for you to reply back with your colour choice and any other custom options.


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