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BCU Awards

At Wet & Wild Adventures we can train and assess for the British Canoe Union (BCU) star awards in One Star & Two star. Courses can be arranged at times and intervals to suit you. We can also arrange further training & awards in your preferred discipline.

One to One Coaching

Working with a qualified coach, on a one to one ratio means these sessions are completely tailored to your aims, needs and wants. An exciting learning curve and a great experience. This is perfect for people who want to learn fast but equally for people who may be a little apprehensive.

Come & Try It Sessions - Canadian Canoe or Kayak


Join us for a day or even half a day in a safe and enjoyable environment to discover the joys of paddle sport. We can wander along a pretty and quiet waterway where you can see the world, first hand, from a different perspective. All your equipment will be provided.

Sit on Top Kayaking


You may be considering purchasing a sit on top kayak for yourself and family members. Come along to one of these sessions and try the fun way onto the water before you make the commitment to buy. We can introduce you to this exciting sport in a safe and fun manner, assisting you with the foundation skills required to make the most of this adventure.

Sea Kayak


You may have paddled before but find the sea formidable. Let us assist and guide you on your first tentative journey onto the sea. We will accompany you in a safe and controlled environment so that your confidence may flourish, you will be equipped with the foundation skills to keep you safe and make the most of this unique and beautiful environment.

Kayak Fishing


We invite you to come along and try your hand at fishing from a kayak. You may have seen just how much fun others are having within this great sport and are tempted to have a go yourself, so come and find out if kayak fishing is for you. Prior to making the commitment to purchase any gear come and have a go using our dedicated fishing kayaks and take advantage of our extensive knowledge. Let us assist you with the fundamental skills to get afloat efficiently and safely.

SOT & Kayak Fishing Foundation Safety Course


There are some very simply and easy skills that should be mastered prior to taking to the water. Join us for a days tuition were we really put the ‘fun’ into fundamental skills.  The day includes many topics such as understanding the environment, efficient paddling, anchoring and of course plenty of safety skills including your chance to practice and perfect many different rescues in a safe and controlled environment.

Champagne Picnic & Canoe Day


This is one of our personal favourites, treat yourself and a loved one to a fun and chilled out day on the river, let us guide you along a pretty and winding waterway far away from everyday stresses. Unwind to the sound of the countryside and joy in the gentle lapping of the water against the side of the canoe as we make gentle progress. Midway in our journey we will pause and serve you a home made picnic and of course a bottle of Champagne. The day is all about you and can be tailored just as you wish, a picnic can be substituted for a hot pub lunch if you wish, the variations are limitless, give us a call regarding your ideas.